Friday, 23 May 2014

1. Dissatisfaction with appearance

Both are is part of the cycle. Another clinical sign, which recently devoted a lot of attention, is dissatisfaction with appearance (Thompson, 1991).
 It occurs in individuals who place a very high emphasis on appearance, and their efforts to achieve it have a compulsive nature and shows signs of social isolation.
The person refuses due to the dissatisfaction of social contacts.
The researchers point out that whatever the appearance of any, can be a source of dissatisfaction, which leads to a strong distortion of human relationships and loss of ability to carry out their work.
The main feature of this symptom is the belief of the affected individuals in their physical distress, regardless of how this view is inconsistent with the objective condition
 Even if such a person of interest in bodybuilding is directly compulsive, always convinced that his lack of muscle volumes
It bodybuilding disease?
Last episode brought introductory information about Big uremia, today we promised sequel among other things, about how some scientists in
America "cure" bodybuilder how to acquire refined development doll characters and what factors influence the formation of big uremia.
The question is not whether the cultivation of bodybuilding mental illness, in my research also deals with Dr. Hollander of Mount Sinai
School of Medicine (2000) in his opinion, it is an expression big uremia (body days morphed). Just as anorectic seems that they are too fat, whether in fact any skinny, bigot erotica suffering from obsessive (insistent) feeling that they are weak, inadequate muscle development.

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