Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Why Fashion is good for you - Review by Jason Ferruggia

Black, gold or red-shine in bold, trendy models that emphasize sensuality and self-confidence Collection Lisa Selection brand The extraordinary appearance of underwear give different cuts of pants, pleats on new forms and bras called, whether on them or even panties and corset. Attention arouses new 3-D embossed jacquard lace inserts and contrasting, and together with ultra fine optics noble materials support the emphasis that is placed on linen drawn shapes. Strikingly beautiful Scandinavian landscape snap-on inspired new collection of lingerie brand Undressed by Marlines | and lace line Snow globe reminiscent of drifting flakes inside a glass sphere. Colors are typically Scandinavian - white and burgundy. Snow globe stamp collections Undressed by Marlines | Dickers Feminine attributes placed on underwear complement multifunctional straps, elastic braid, deep necklines and refined inserts. In addition to a stable black and white will also catch other colors - pink, apricot, light yellow, kiwi, pistachio, salmon and gray tones. However, the most skin color and brown tones, all in decent saturation. FASHION energizes The same test procedure, even if the need to stimulate the creative spirit, for example, when writing stories or texts to songs. That is Exactly why Fashion is good for you Research By Jason Ferruggia

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