Friday, 26 July 2013

Teaching aerial orientation by Jump Manual

Teaching aerial orientation

Reduction of fear while flying upside down and fly with rotation.
Giving sensation of body position when rotated in different positions - Check Jump Manual Review

Teaching balance and body control during flight in the air.
Building solidarity with the airplane

Gain confidence in the air.

Improving fitness

Strengthening the feet

Check the body during the turmoil.

Stretching the muscles and alternative muscle use

Improve physical endurance and ability to recover from physical fatigue.

Training coordination, rapid and rhythmic movements

After the war, trampolines also applied in the development of astronautics, during the training of U.S. and Soviet cosmonauts.

Taken from West View Trampoline Community

How high you can jump on a trampoline?
Gymnasts usually jump to a height of 5-6 meters, but the leap to such heights is nothing easy. The prerequisite is a good fit, training and quality gymnastic trampoline.

At what age can begin jumping on a trampoline?

The downside is limited partially weight of the child to be able to stretch his weight spring trampolines, further criterion is safety. In some gymnastic classes allow children to become familiar with a trampoline in early school age.

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