Saturday, 13 July 2013

Optimal solution By Fat Loss Factor

The basic method is still a surgical solution to the problem, but the young patient must undergo mammary team or committee, which are Console doctors from various specialties.

It's good to have a comprehensive view and also hear the opinion of various specialists Radiologist, surgeon, oncologist, and radiotherapist.

All are looking for the optimal solution. A concrete example: a patient 29 years old, just finished breastfeeding. It has large breasts, large tumor and a lump in the armpit

The tumor is confusing, poorly defined, so we start chemotherapy.
This tumor to decrease the surgical solution is then more efficient. Breastfeeding is naturally terminated.

 More and more often a very challenging task is the treatment of women with breast cancer. Age expectant mothers are still increasing.

 Most painful is when a patient comes in the first trimester and the tumor can not be operated.

Then there are only two solutions: wait and threaten the life of the patient, or give up pregnancy. It is always very sad and difficult decision.

If the patient is in the second or third trimester, it can be treated with chemotherapy selected, we can use biological therapy and hormone therapy, and those are dangerous to the fetus. After the birth, we can irradiate.

 All expectant mothers are made with only the positive information and nobody expects that it will have a malignant tumor, for example, twenty-five, let alone a woman.

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