Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Jump Manual

Jumping is a sport-Jumping for children

According to Jump Manual Interestingly mention that in 2004 issued by European Child Safety Alliance and the European Consumer Safety Association report on the twenty-five most dangerous children's products.

To this list of products that cause most child accidents , according to the report also includes changing tables, car seats, baby pajamas, soccer goals, chair for feeding children, pacifiers, chests for toys, strollers and toy itself.

Trampolines surprisingly not on the list I suppose the most dangerous products listed prohibit, so I'm very surprised disproportionately strong warning pediatricians before using the trampoline, which in the context of information to be absolutely unreasonable and incomprehensible.

Instead of warning I would have expected more recommendations on how to improve safety in the use of trampolines.

How to increase the safety of trampolines?

I recommend prioritizing quality trampoline with all safety features. -Check Jump Manual for more info

Only purchase a large trampoline with safety net and puts them on a flat surface.

Let jump only one child, because most accidents are caused by children bouncing into each other.

In exceptional cases, for example, during celebrations or visits, you can enable several children jumping at the same time, but not too children of different ages and preferably under the supervision of an adult.
Every bouncing baby must know and follow safety rules, for example, do not go around the edges of the trampoline behind the net, do not enter the trampoline, trampoline write off any sharp or hard toys.

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