Friday, 26 July 2013

HISTORY of trampolining by Jump Manual Review

Among the first to explore the idea of jumping on a trampoline Inuit (Eskimos), who used a taut walrus skin

 Also jesters in the Middle Ages showed jumps on flexible boards. Previously place trampolines used to throwing the sail taut held around a group of people. -Check Jump Manual

Trampoline in its present form was first introduced Italian acrobat Due Trampoline instructor on the trapeze.

Exercising on a trampoline is used as supplementary exercises for athletes in water sports and gymnasts.

Olympic sport is jumping on the trampoline became in 2000 the Olympic Games in Sydney.

Application of trampolines in aerospace

Trampolines have experienced a renaissance during the II. vs. war, which have been successfully used in pilot training as a tool to improve spatial orientation during flight.

Trampolines were part of naval aviation cadet training U.S. NAVY. Trampolines were among 12 major training activities. Trampolines assist pilots to improve physical and mental fitness and have been used in spare time.

Thousands of naval cadets graduated trampoline training preparatory to three flight schools (Georgia, Iowa, and California).

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