Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Decide to lose weight with Fat Loss Factor

Sure, there are methods that can turn the kilograms miraculously within a very short period of time, but it is also the stumbling block.

 "If we decide to lose weight permanently, you must choose a process that allows us basic habits that we can observe them even after reduction program," says Gabriela Kosovo from the Brno Institute reduction and prevention of overweight compliment.

How it was...

Going back to Miss Helen She also signed up with my friend Margaret in a project Slim by Health, hosted by the Institute of compliment. "I too have wanted to lose weight.

We deserved to be prettier, feel better and invalid as whales stranded on the coast, "says Margaret. Indeed, in less than four months with them together under the supervision managed to lose almost 30 pounds, which is itself very pleasantly surprised.  Fat Loss Factor

"Healthy weight loss in itself should have enough movement and especially balanced, rational and reducing diet, which should always be adapted to the individual," explains Gabriela Kosovo.

After the program there was the proverbial empty.

 Now what? "I was really curious as to how I can manage the transition to maintenance. -Check fat loss factor 

 It was nearly Christmas for me is always the question of diet very difficult period and I was afraid that everything again, everything returns to normal, "says Helena.
But it did not happen, and both managed to keep the weight not only over Christmas, but even together successfully lose weight on!

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