Friday, 12 July 2013

Chemotherapy from Acne No More

Chemotherapy involves administration of substances that destroy rapidly growing cells.

 For the treatment of highly aggressive because besides tumor cells destroys other rapidly dividing tissue (hair follicles, the lining of the intestine, bone marrow cells, etc.).

Chemotherapy is carried out in repeated cycles. Each is scheduled to reduce the number of cancer cells in the body for approximately one hundredth.

The next cycle should then be completed until the number of cells again.

Drugs which are used in chemotherapy are inherently toxic. In their submission, therefore, there are side effects.

The most common are nausea, skin reactions, and even anaphylactic shock.

Treatment tends and long-term consequences: infertility, liver damage, brain damage can occur to the development of new malignant tumor tissue damage due to drugs or radiation.

The principle of radiotherapy is targeted irradiation of the tumor in repeated cycles that result in all irradiated cells irreversible changes.

These lead to the death of the tumor, but also damage the tissue irradiated with it. As with chemotherapy and irradiation takes place in cycles.

And the short-term and long-term consequences that result from damage to the skin and other organs irradiated.

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