Saturday, 13 July 2013

Cancer Treatment - Research By Joey Atlas

Life changes from the ground up

Riskiest moment cancer treatment is surgical removal of the tumor mass from the body.

But sometimes you have no choice. For a woman with breast cancer is a very sensitive issue. "In the hospital, I went with absolutely calm heart. I did not expect such a thing could happen to me.

But has “says Barbara.

In 2005 she breast ablation as a first step to cure cancer. Her
Boyfriend it absolutely exemplary manner held, and ceased to feel that it becomes unattractive, worthless creature.

After ablation followed by chemotherapy and radiation

 More than two years passed before she could "go" in breast reconstruction.

For John, who died of breast cancer on my mother and grandmother, was not so painful breast loss as hair loss caused by chemotherapy.

Still prefer not to go swimming and at first she did not feel well even in intimate moments.

Underwent a renovation

As Barbara and John also now say that during his illness came to the worse moments than the one they lost their breast. Barbara experienced the most difficult moment, when my mother had to announce that the malignant disease

Research By - Joey Atlas

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