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Breast self-examination - Research By Jason Ferruggia

Breast self-examination - do you know how?

Breast cancer in young women under 35 years of age is a relatively rare disease in the United States is found only about 100 new cases per year. Yet it is so infrequent, it is very dangerous.

Tumors in young women are often associated with genetic predisposition, it is predestined that are aggressive, threatening not only the patient's health, but also for life.

 Usually appears late, because they are little thought.

 Young women with breast cancer in many changes happening in connection with pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstruation There are services out there that may be innocent, and between the malignancy easy to hide.

"For us it is a problem that is not part of the pelvic examination of the breasts, making us often patients receives up to the fact that he fingered the tumor itself," explains Assoc. MD. Petra, PhD. Who is the coordinator of the Project 35?

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Project 35 is trying to help young women under 35 years of age who are suffering from this pernicious disease: "It is significant self-examination of breasts that women should be carried out regularly since early adulthood.

This is the best way to capture tumor. It is better to come to the doctor unnecessarily with benign tumors or innocent Bulk than later. "
Mammography examination is not suitable for patients under 40 years of age.

Research By Jason Ferruggia

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