Monday, 3 June 2013

The Cellulite and Celebrities

Summer comes and all our little extremely observe the same nightmare cellulite! Will they make it in the fight until our first band? Will they get better anticipate the appearance of our hips? So for all us is quite interesting and inspiring statement of the famous tile personas Kim , has admitted that she has cellulite and flabby legs, although regular exercise daily.

How not to feel better when even this famous and sexy (admittedly) woman says she is the care that has cellulite and rolls and not employing it has the perfect body! Particularly so when it unveils the magazine “US fitness” that” Sometimes something happen in our body, and I think it was worth it! So I feel most of the time. If I was stuck on a diet I would be miserable. I love the food, especially sweets. If you cannot enjoy your life then what's the point? There must if torment yourself. I love ice cream and frozen yogurt. "

Volatile tile persona stresses: “The best way to weigh you is to look at yourself in the mirror. I have not even the scales in my house. “All of us who have cellulite would agree to a statement on her curves and round periphery: “I’ll say. I think my thighs are thick and I have cellulite. Come on! As go the gym really confident, you must experience high-quality to look good quality.

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