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Intensity of training

The optimal frequency and intensity of training

Great question, and like most things in the world of strength and conditioning, sharply debating. This article attempts to look at it from a little more systematic point of view.

The frequency versus intensity-Check Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer

Training programs have two basic variables, frequency and intensity. Frequency is how often you do something, either the total amount of training or specific movement such as bench press and is usually given in weekly cycles.

The first mentioned this article will be called the total frequency to said second frequency we call each training area.

The intensity determines the degree of intensity of your workout. For cardio used to measure the intensity of the heart rate, but since we are concerned about weight training, we use the percentage of one-rep max (1RM %) from Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Review

While this may sound exactly, but it still has a small crack. If your maximum is 365 pounds and you benched 315, it's 86% 1RM, which is generally considered medium to high intensity.

Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Torrent:

There still there but something that actually determine the intensity of the series? We need to know what was done with the weight of repetition.

If you put 365 and 315 get you one, it's relatively easy series. Three would have been harder, but still it could be done, it sounds like a medium intensity.
Six of 315 sounds like a hell of an intense series, which should be almost as difficult as the number of 365  Because of the above, I propose the term total effort that combines the percentage of one-rep max and the number of repetitions done with this weight.

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