Monday, 24 June 2013

For weight loss

 For weight loss and drawing - a complex!

Good nutrition is an integral part of the strategy for losing weight and building muscle mass. It is even more important than training, weights and weight training frequency.

Many an athlete believes that diet is at its successes shared around 80 percent. -More info on fat loss factor

Who eats well, he can make the most of exercises, both for his line, and overall health and fitness.

Benefits of quality meals: • reduce the time required to recover after exercise, • prevention of injury and pain caused by fatigue and the change in kinetic regime - Best Detox Cleanse

• Sufficient energy and water balance in the body,

• maintain a stable reduced weight and desired body tissue composition (ratio of muscle-ovate etc.).

What to put emphasis in nutrition?

• Increased fluid (mainly lightly mineralized water without bubbles in the amount of about 3 liters a day),

• Higher content of protein (meat, yoghurt, cottage cheese and legumes), • energy content of the diet, corresponding to increased exertion during exercise – Fat Loss Factor Review

• Higher energy content complex carbohydrates (from whole wheat bread, brown rice, etc.) • Special meals before and after training (energy pre-workout, post-workout protein shake with no fat)
• supplements (supplements for joint protection, fat burners, etc.)

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