Monday, 11 March 2013

Kelly Booth Exercise Tips.....!!

Kelly booth is almost all over the American and European lands known and has quite a lot of fans. It is one of the few professional fitness instructors that in our country we visit or see the train.
Kelly booth competes in the category BIKINI Pro. Last year was the premiere for her and immediately there entered three competitions More Information About Visit
The results shown below as she says must be fitness goddess and be more visible on stage.

This year, Kelly booth yet another competitive exam, which could lead to a hoped-for progress on Olympia Weekend Let us not, however, Kelly is now in full preparation training with her coach
Stefan Halve and looking forward to the contest podium California PRO

We visited in her home gym, where he is preparing for this season, namely Venice gym. Very charismatic Fitch became our refuge several times already. We have prepared for you photos from the workout and interview.
 I firmly believe that this year will be the second season for Nicola happier than last year's and is able to stand on the podium.
Kelly booth leg training, which, according to the latest information began to prepare for the category Women's Physique We are looking forward to its form.
 Catherine Kyoto is one of the most famous athletes moving on US and international stages in the categories of female fitness and bodybuilding  Visit GOOGLE PLUS
Very adept are also now interested in competitive discipline called Cross Fit, which is also evident from her workout. Catherine booth passed his last season in the category bodybuilders last fall. Now look at the training that graduated in T & M Fitness in California.

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