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Tinnitus Miracle Review\ In which ear rings?

Tinnitus itself is not a disease. But it can be a symptom of a very serious health problems.
In a scientific sense of noise, ringing, buzzing, buzzing in the ears that occurs without external auditory stimuli, is called tinnitus. Usually, this feeling appears suddenly in a quiet environment, often at night. And this alone - a reason for concern and to refer to the audiologist. And the visit to the doctor should not be delayed, if the noise in the ears following you is not the first day, and even more so if tinnitus is accompanied by:

    reduction (or loss) hearing;
    dizziness, nausea, vomiting, poor coordination, unsteady gait, etc.;

    severe headache, pain in the heart.

What did warns tinnitus?
1 High blood pressure - one of the most common causes of tinnitus. It is necessary to measure the pressure in the periods when there is a ring, and in the moments of his absence. If the difference is noticeable, then the reason is obvious, and the need for assistance to contact a cardiologist. Noise is coupled with a headache, flashing flies before the eyes, pain in the heart may indicate a hypertensive crisis or even a stroke. Here it should be called "first aid" Tinnitus Miracle Review

2 Cerebral arteriosclerosis or less can also lead to noise and ringing in the ears. The fact is that in atherosclerosis vessels lose elasticity and can not pulsate to the beat of the movement of blood. This leads to the fact that blood flow in the vessels is turbulent (ie, with a twist), and the feeling of noise with each beat. More noise can be caused by muscle spasm, attach to the ossicles, or the beating of the pulse in the vessels that are associated with the middle and inner ear. This can occur at high temperature, inflammation of the middle ear, or with a significant physical effort. To verify the correctness of the diagnosis should be examined by a neurologist.

3 Otitis. In this inflammatory disease noise (ringing, buzzing, humming) in the ear combined with itching and redness of the ear canal, tenderness to touch, hearing loss, purulent discharge from the ear. Otitis often appears after entering the ear water (while swimming), damage the ear canal to clean matches, toothpicks, etc., as well as a complication of respiratory infections.

4 Migraine. Its main symptom - a throbbing, intense pain, which usually captures one half of the head. It is usually accompanied by tinnitus.

5 Otosclerosis (swelling of the bone cells that connect the middle ear to the inner, the cause of which is unknown). It is a chronic disease that usually begins in one ear and later spread to the other. Usually occurs in adolescence, often in childhood, women tend to have significantly more often than men. Manifested progressive hearing loss and tinnitus, often leads to a significant decrease in hearing, sometimes deafness.

6 MS. If tinnitus is combined with dizziness, vertigo, movements of the limbs (paralysis), the feeling of "pins and needles" in the skin, urinary incontinence, etc., may be suspected development of this serious disease of the nervous system. Its manifestations may be very diverse, so that an accurate diagnosis can only be made after a thorough expert examination GOOGLE +

7 neuroma (tumor) auditory nerve. It is characterized by a combination of noise or ringing in the ear, with a gradual hearing loss (up to deafness) and vertigo. Neuroma may be asymptomatic for a long time until it starts to compress the surrounding structures of the ear, leading to hearing loss, poor coordination, tingling or pins and needles in the face downhill, etc. When the described symptoms should immediately get to the ENT doctor for examination and diagnosis.
Something got into the ear

Tinnitus can occur not only as a symptom of an underlying disease. Often it is taking medication (such as gentamicin, streptomycin, furosemide, splatting, etc.).

Noise is sometimes poisoning, stress, water gets into the ear, or a foreign body.

Tinnitus can cause sulfur cork, a sharp drop in atmospheric pressure (after flying in an airplane, skydiving or scuba diving), change in the weather.

Causes of tinnitus in children and adults alike. But we must bear in mind that ear infections in children tend to relapse and become chronic. So the child all the more necessary to immediately show the ENT doctor at the first symptoms.

Did You Hear That ...

Securely to the ear to listen to music on headphones is not more than 20 hours a week on a low volume and not more than 4 hours - the maximum (97-103 decibels). Otherwise, after 1-2 years to begin the manifestation of deafness.

Playing sport risk of acoustic trauma is doubled. Many players use when jogging, aerobics. But with intensive physical exercise blood drain from the head and ears are much more vulnerable to the sound.

Abrupt change in the situation (when the noise of a person enters the room in complete silence) may be even more dangerous to the ear than a loud sound DAILYMOTION
By The Way

Recently, the Austrian researchers from Medical University of Vienna have found that the risk of ringing or noise in the ears to increase regular use of a mobile phone. They collected 100 volunteers already suffering from ringing in the ears, and 100 is a healthy person. Next, the scientists compared their frequency of mobile phone use. It turned out the tinnitus tormented people in more than 70% of the time while using a mobile phone was equal to 10 minutes a day.

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