Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Joey Atlas\Stages Of Cellulite

Cosmetologists Are 4 Stages Of Cellulite

Stage 1 - Predtsellyulitnaya.

It all starts with a slowing of blood flow in capillaries, increasing the permeability of the walls, impaired venous outflow and fluid circulation in the lymphatic system. Visible signs at this stage. The only hint of cellulite can be considered an early bruising from minor bumps, a small swelling of tissues.

Stage 2 - Initial.

Fade in swelling, accumulated toxins, there is little oxygen. Changes are visible only during the capture of the skin in the crease or muscle tension in the form of "orange peel". There is some pallor, decreased elasticity of the skin in the Joey Atlas affected areas.

3rd stage - Micronodular.

Fat cells are soldered in clusters, flexible partitioning fat become rough, like scars. Swelling and impaired Microcirculation progress. Externally, there is a clear effect of "orange peel" without special tests, standing and lying down. The skin can be Melkouzlovaty look. You can test the small and medium-sized nodules.Truth About Cellulite Chance marked tissue edema, capillary stars, pain on deep pressure.

4th stage - Makronodulyarnaya.

The tissue is marked lymph edema, impaired venous drainage. The lack of oxygen has further scarring and swelling. External signs in the fourth stage: nodes are clear, large, painful, welded to the skin. Large nodules can easily test the hands, there is hollow and hardened areas. Tissue edema, tenderness of the affected area, there is a local thermal changes.

Fortunately, the 4-th stage is quite rare. The most common are the 2nd and 3rd. 4th stage requires medical care, for the 2nd and 3rd enough of its own efforts.

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