Saturday, 19 January 2013

Eczema Free Forever\Recommendations To Cure Eczema

Places disability are similar child form can also be exceptionally affected skin on the face and neck. A topic should also not use common daily hygiene products and cosmetics, but products designed for people with sensitive skin. Soaps, detergents, lotions, etc., should always act a topic skin gently and after their use should not appear worse.

 In warm bath can add special oil and immediately following should apply care creams that keep the skin hydrated.  Topical therapy consists in maintaining friendly hygiene regime. It is recommended to showering with warm water, and a short period of time (just about 3 minutes).  

It is advisable to wear cotton clothes that are airy and prevent sweating. From fierce itching may help cold compresses or cold cream at night and it is recommended to wear cotton gloves. The treatment is not thorough lubricating lotions, creams, ointments or bath oil. Itchy symptoms partially prevent antihistamines and besides doctors usually prescribe local steroids. These are the most effective part of the treatment because they have very strong anti-inflammatory effects.

Unfortunately, these hormones are not entirely without side effects; improper dosage of corticosteroids may cause cataracts, skin atrophy with enlargement of blood vessels, formation of excessive body hair, etc. This can be prevented by compliance with the principles Eczema Free Forever Program

Usually, it is recommended not to use steroid never more than one per day for 4 days. Once we try to gradually improve their applying to recede until it is planted entirely. Treatment with corticosteroids is only local, that is, ointment is applied only to the affected area, and we use only the necessary amount of product. Corticosteroids have preventive effects, as many people think, and their use is necessary doctor's prescription. Never take these medicines without the advice of a dermatologist, because only he will prescribe the means to be the most suitable for you. Corticosteroid is a huge amount and it is advisable to use only drugs such strength that is needed to manage the disease, not stronger.

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